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Offers business and soft skills training solutions that narrow the workforce competency gap. More than 100 practical, job-based courses designed for adults.

Combines, state-of-the art, test authoring with a, cloud-based, hosting platform. Validate workforce and job candidate skills and competencies. Author, publish, and manage certification tests. Operate a profitable testing center. Soft skills, business skills, technical skills and vocational skills, all in one place.

Provides career training and certification programs that create job-ready professionals from day one. Built from the KWP International Career Competency Standards for six career disciplines.Trained. Validated. Certified.


Skilled Now is to be commended for the interactive and engaging delivery methodologies. The range of learning methods, questions, exercises, role plays, and practical exercises meets the needs of different types of learners ensuring a very engaging experience for all. Programme activities are designed for the learners to apply and practice the concepts and skills along the way facilitating maximum embedding of the learning for individuals.”

“Every job has different requirements, but the nine skill areas in the KWP Workplace Professional training programme are not only relevant, but fundamental to every workplace role.”

Frances McCabe
Head of Education

“The KWP Small Business Owner certification program is comprehensive, effective, and attractively presented. It clearly meets the CMI requirement to map programme content to the CMI standards and earn the status of a CMI Recognised Programme.”

The KWP Workplace Professional certification program is a comprehensive, effective program suitable for all levels of the organization. It offers critical soft skill competencies for people in supervisory and management positions. It clearly meets the CMI content mapping requirements to earn the status of a CMI Recognised Programme.

Jane Fallon
Lead Mapper
Patricia Lauret
Mapping Specialist

“The practical, job-focused approach to training of Knowledge Workers Pro compliments the technical education our College provides its learners. This means they will be better prepared for success in a competitive marketplace and in securing meaningful and sustainable employment. We believe that Knowledge Workers Pro will really add value to our related portfolio of courses and programs, helping our learners continue to secure positive future destinations.”

“At BSDC we focus on three key areas of development for our learners: technical skills, soft skills (through the BSDC Skills Promise) and being an effective contributor to the local community. The addition of Skills Builder Pro soft skills library to the BSDC offer enhances this focus and gives our learners access to a suite of materials and tools that will enhance their future employability.”

Dawn Ward
CEO & Principal

“The interactivity, ease of use and excellent content within Knowledge Workers Pro will enable learners from a variety of backgrounds to achieve not only their certification, but also enhance their career skills and ambitions, which makes this platform attractive to professionals and employers alike.”

“At Highbury College we pride ourselves on the excellent teaching and learning experience of our core programmes. We are also dedicated to preparing all our students for the world of work by coaching them in soft skills. Skills Builder Pro will be a key part of enhancing our coaching with their innovative, immersive and comprehensive suite of courses.”

Stella Mbubaegbu
CEO & Principal