Preparing job-ready professionals for today’s challenging workplace

Established by the International Career Competency Standards Board, each career track includes the career standard competencies and skills, training experiences, and certification tests that verify job skills and competencies today’s professionals require for job success starting day one. Designed for adult learners, each certification incorporates a wide range of techniques so learners can practice, reinforce, and validate learning: exercises, case studies, role plays, self-study modules, interactive activities, assessments, and reading materials

Course Certifications

Personal Career Planning Certification

Today's job market is different from what it was 5 years ago. Knowing where to go, who to talk to, and finding opportunities that are available will help to shift your focus. From this certification course, you’ll be able to move from someone who dreams about having a good job to someone who has the job they always wanted.
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The Power of Self Leadership Certification

This Certification course is for you if you have a will to succeed – in business and in life – and you recognize that no matter how much help and guidance you receive from teachers, mentors, supervisors and peers, the one resource you must depend on most is yourself.
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Public Speaking with Confidence Certification

Excellent public speakers are not born. They develop their skills through training and practice. Their confidence comes from being fully prepared and knowledgeable on their topic. This certification should verify that you have the skills for public speaking, not only in formal presentations to an audience but also in meetings and social settings.
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Communication Dynamics Certification

How we communicate has a direct impact on our relationships and our ability to perform our jobs with confidence. The more skilled we are, the greater chance we have for personal and professional success. This certification will ensure you are more than capable of communicating effectively.
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Managing Workplace Conflict Certification

Success comes from understanding how we behave, how we react to others, and how our behaviors can influence others. When a co-worker can meet with a teammate to address a negative attitude or anger, it increases the team’s chances of being successful. This certification will help give you and your organization that step up
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Business Management Essentials Certification

Owning and running your own company can be immensely rewarding, but it's also a lot of work! This certification you have a strong handle on the high-level management considerations small business owners need to understand and feel confident about how to manage your business profitably
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Diversity in the Workplace Certification

The consequences of disregarding diversity can be costly for organizations as well as the people who work in them. This certification will ensure you are self-aware of your attitudes toward diversity, and exploring and addressing the common workplace situations that can create conflict.
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Creative Decision Making Certification

Making smart decisions could be the difference between business profitability or disaster. Resolving problems with the best solution could be the difference between saving loyal customers or not. The key to smart decision-making rests with our ability to clearly define the problem, identify innovative options, research them, and then craft a workable solution which is what this certification verifies.
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Hiring and Keeping the Best People Certification

Human resources responsibilities fall on the shoulders of managers and supervisors in all areas of an organization, not just in the human resources department. As a manager you should show that with the help of this certification
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Managing Workforce Engagement & Performance Certification

Who is the best manager you've worked for? What made you choose that person? It’s no secret that employees who feel valued and recognized for their work are more productive, responsible, and motivated. This certification will ensure managers and supervisors are ready to create more energized, loyal employees and maximize employee engagement
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Leading Teams to High Performance Certification

High performing teams are the cornerstone of successful organizations, and your success as a manager is heavily influenced by how well your team operates. This certification ensures managers understand what makes a high performing team, how to unleash the individual talents of each team member and help their team work together in a way that makes them world class.
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Building Blocks of Marketing Communication Certification

Marketing communications is an essential component of your company’s strategy, branding and messaging. These communications are complex two-way streets that, done well, can increase your customer base and increase profits. Gain a competitive edge with this certification
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Marketing in the Digital World Certification

This certification ensures that you are aware of the strategies and tactics used by marketers to identify business opportunities, craft product and service offerings to address those opportunities, build successful brands, engage with target audiences, and generate demand.
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Winning Negotiations Certification

Negotiating is a basic process in human life and a fundamental part of any business. The process involves resolving differences, coming to an agreement, and meeting goals. Ensure you are capable of all that with this certification
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