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From the moment we walk into the workplace each day, we are communicating with others. We talk. We listen. We write numerous types of documents, from email to text messages to reports and speeches. We “speak” without talking through our non-verbal behaviour, gestures, and professional attire. How we communicate has a direct impact on our relationships with others and our ability to perform our jobs with confidence. The more skilled we are, the greater chance we have for personal and professional success.

In this course, you will become more aware of your communication style, including your body language, and how you affect others around you. You will also learn to use active listening skills, ask questions with purpose, assert yourself with confidence, and handle difficult situations.


    • Be more aware of your communication style
    • Use active listening skills to increase understanding and develop empathy
    • Ask questions using probing and paraphrasing techniques
    • Discover how your non-verbal messages communicate with others
    • Present your professional best
    • Handle difficult situations with more confidence
    • Build relationships through open and effective communication

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction FREE 00:02:01
Before we begin… 00:00:00
Unit 01: Communication Begins with You FREE 00:08:35
Unit 02: Breaking Through Communication Barriers 00:04:24
Unit 03: Asking Questions with Purpose 00:08:33
Unit 04: Developing Your Listening Skills 00:05:02
Unit 05: Using Active Listening Techniques 00:10:44
Unit 06: Encouraging Conversation 00:04:43
Unit 07: Building Relationships 00:05:06
Unit 08: Overcoming Communication Roadblocks 00:03:48
Unit 09: Understanding Body Language 00:21:50
Unit 10: Managing Your Posture 00:02:41
Unit 11: Presenting a Positive Image 00:03:59
Unit 12: Shaking Hands with Confidence 00:02:48
Unit 13: Toolkit for Successful Workplace Conversations 00:07:09
Unit 14: Managing Your Attitude 00:12:31
Conclusion 00:01:10

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