Customer Service Professional Courseware

Practical Tactics To Satisfy & Keep Customers whether Communicating In Person, Over The Telephone, In Email Or Chat.

  • Course Overview
  • Learning Objectives
  • Trainers Guide

You will define customer service and align your efforts with company commitments. You will practice delivering customer service by using effective communication skills, understanding the power of the telephone, understanding the needs of customers, using body language during in-person interactions, and dealing with challenging customer personalities and scenarios. You will learn to resolve customer issues quickly and with skill. Next, you will learn how to measure customer service effectiveness and learn to reinforce service excellence. Finally, you will gain competence and confidence in the essential workplace skills you need to perform your day-to-day responsibilities and achieve long-term career success

  • Understand and apply the critical factors of customer service
  • Establish a customer-focused approach
  • Recognize how your conduct affects the behavior of others
  • Solve customer situations with confidence and skill
  • Work with problematic customers using specific techniques
  • Make the commitment to outstanding customer service

Whats Included?

  • Trainers Guide
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Icebreakers, Activities & Exercise Files
  • Pre-Assignments
  • Lesson Plans & Tips

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Element One - A Customer Service Focus

  • Unit 2: Element Two – How Your Organization Sets Customer Service Expectations

  • Unit 3: Element Three - How Well Employees Deliver Customer Service

  • Unit 4: Communication Dynamics

  • Unit 5: Skillful Telephone Techniques

  • Unit 6: Customer Service in the Online World

  • Unit 7: Working with Customers

  • Unit 8: Dealing with Complaining Customers and Handling Objections

  • Unit 9: Handling Difficult Customer Situations

  • Unit 10: Element Four - How to Quickly and Accurately Solve Problems

  • Unit 11: Element Five -Measure What Matters

  • Unit 12: Element Six - Reinforcing Customer Service Excellence

  • Unit 13: Respecting Others and Embracing Diversity

  • Unit 14: Team work – Being a Team Player

  • Unit 15: Managing Conflict

  • Unit 16: Professional Ethics and Accountability

  • Unit 17: Productivity and Effectiveness – Organizing Your Work

  • Unit 18: Making the Transition to the Workplace

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