An Introduction to Skilled Matrix

Skilled Matrix is a proprietary, cloud-based test authoring engine and hosting platform. The state-of-the-art authoring system offers a drag-and-drop publishing and content management interface with robust authoring, reporting, and data analytics functionality. The powerful built-in tools and customizable reporting ensure that test providers can create, publish, maintain, and securely deliver valid and reliable tests.

   -Switch on the Brain (2016)

The Skilled Matrix portal hosts certification exams and assessments across a variety of vocational, technical, business and soft skills disciplines from test providers worldwide. Certification exams are delivered securely through Authorized Testing Centers in proctored testing environments. The responsive, mobile-ready platform is available on-line or on-premise, across public or private networks.

Skilled Matrix Advisory Services provide expert guidance from its team of certified psychometricians, workplace professionals, and adult learning experts to create valid and defensible certification programs. Using a proven, collaborative approach, the Advisory Team helps stakeholders develop programs based on industry standards and best practices as defined by the American Council on Education.